How Henry Cavill Pee in the ‘Man of Steel’ Superman Suit?

All of us waited for a long time, for the return of Henry Cavill in Man of Steel 2. Almost 10 years later DCEU fans are super excited after getting the good news. to be precise, the sequel is announced. After 10 years a lot of nostalgia will hit both the stars and the fans for sure. In 2013, When DCEU released Man of Steel for the first time the film and superhero were a burning topic of discussion among people. Being a Brit actor alteration in the iconic suit of Superman that he wore became the favorite among the fans.

For three reasons the Superman suit definitely made an impact on the fans. The first being that actor Henry looked really sexy in it he feels the suit is only made for him, the second was the missing underwear in the tight suit, and the third but not the least is the fitting on Cavill’s body. We all know that the conventional red suit of Superman has red underwear. But, you will be wondered how Henry would have used the loo while wearing this skin-tight suit in the shooting spot. Fortunately, in one of Cavill’s interviews from 2013, he revealed this.

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Henry Cavill talked about peeing in the Superman suit

It was really difficult for him to shoot in the suit of Superman, Henry Cavill stated. He did was hold it until then wait around for the right time. He disclosed in an interview with E-News that the reason behind the difficulty is “There was no zipper. So it’s just one of those things where you got to wait for the right time.”

Henry Cavill with Spiderman statue

The other costars in his films also shared the difficulty they faced with their suits along with Henry. Russell Crowe, who plays his biological father, told that it used to take him 25 minutes to take his suit off. It used to get really hard for him in that tight suit because Henry had more screen time. Finally, he got used to it but in the beginning, it did feel uncomfortable.

Henry felt really good wearing it and he was proud of himself for being Superman every time he used to look in the mirror. Well, who won’t be proud after wearing the superman suit?

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Share your thought in the comments below about the suit whether it could have been designed better to allow actors to pee easily during shoots or whether it will destroy the suite looks.

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