Henry Cavill Was Not the First Choice for Connor MacLeod in Highlander!!

Fans got an update on the long-awaited remake of the cult classic Highlander a few months back. Henry Cavill will be cast as the central character of the franchise, Chad Stahleski revealed who is the director of Highlander. In The Witcher he has already portrayed the medieval role of a mutant warrior and monster slayer. So, he knows how to swing a sword, his experience would help him explore the character more deeply.

After the 1986 fantasy film, we all know this reboot project has been kicking around for quite a while now. luckily, the actor would certainly prove to be the best choice seeing his previous role that seems like the ship has finally got its sailor. But you will be surprised to know that the Witcher star was not the first choice for Connor MacLeod. Why Ryan Reynolds Exited the ‘Highlander’ Remake?

Henry Cavill’s Highlander was offered to Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds
in Highlander

Back in 2012, Before Henry Cavill. in the 80s Highlander film remake, Ryan Reynolds was cast as eternal warrior Connor MacLeod. to revive this long-awaited franchise with Reynolds and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Summit Entertainment took the project into their hands. But, in 2013, the Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds dropped out following Fresnadillo in the line.

It might’ve quit the project as he was busy with many projects at that time, although there was no confirmation as to why the actor left. Moreover, this left the picture without a main actor or a director which led to a delay in creation for many years. But eventually, this year a ray of hope was seen when they decided to start things a clean slate. The director stated that they have begun the creative process and know what they want out of the new adaptation. he said in an interview with Collider.

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Stahleski explained, “It’s just a matter of getting it to the point where we feel, “Okay, this is it. Let’s go.” But we’re closer than we’ve ever been, so that’s good”. Henry Cavill reprised his role as Superman in Black Adam for that he is currently busy and in high demand. However, they have connected with the actor about this project that the director has confirmed

Let us know your views in the comment section that weather Henry Cavill is the right man for bringing Highlander back on stage or not.

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