Enola Holmes 2 Review: A Superb Sequel

Enola Holmes 2 is Fun, funny, and impressively clever. In this Enola Holmes 2 review, you will get a clear idea about whether should you watch this series or not. It is the rare sequel that does well by its predecessor and also expands on the franchise’s world in meaningful ways. Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill both stars deliver powerful performances that keep the story sweeping and moving and you along on Enola’s adventure. Popular Netflix shows Enola Holmes 2 was Directed by Harry Bradbeer from a script by Jack Thorne that premiered on November 4 on Netflix and people have started liking it.

Enola Holmes 2 Review: Pros and Cons

Millie Bobby Brown’s character is entertaining
Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Holmes feels fascinating and fresh
The show delivers the right balance of mystery, action, and humor
There is nothing much to talk about cons in this show. Sometimes it feels like the central mystery is a bit convoluted. This show demands your attention. The weakest element of Enola Holmes 2 is its central mystery, and it’s a little surprising.

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Few filmmakers and studios can create a good sequel over the years. It seems like there is a secret to creating a good sequel and it is more than a mystery to a lot of filmmakers. In the history of Hollywood, all the follow-up films are peppered that couldn’t match their predecessors’ success, but this film finds all the right clues.

Enola Holmes 2: Cast

Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes

Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes

Louis Partridge as Viscount Tewkesbury

Helena Bonham Carter plays Eudoria Holmes

Susan Wokoma plays Edith

David Thewlis plays Superintendent Grail

Adeel Akhtar plays Lestrade

Sharon Duncan-Brewster plays Ms Troy

Serrana Su-Ling Bliss plays Bessie

Abbie Hern plays Mae

Enola Holmes 2 Review:

Enola Holmes, 2 brings back Millie Bobby Brown the star of Stranger Things as an aspiring detective, and her brother Sherlock character played by The Man of Steel star Henry Cavill. Millie Bobby often finds herself in the shadow of her famous detective brother. While immersed in a missing-person case with ties to the highest levels of government and industry, The film focus on Enola struggling to get her fledgling detective agency off the ground.

Enola Holmes has done a great job of introducing Brown as the title character, whose clever, and perceptive. Her nature was only matched by her social awkwardness and knack for getting into trouble. Brown handled both the action and the humor with ease and made the role her own. Thanks to Enola’s affinity for showing great chemistry with Cavill and also the film’s audience breaking the fourth wall.

Enola Holmes 2 review

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In Enola Holmes 2, the story continues to grow the story itself to Enola’s relationship with the surrounding characters and the audience. It feels like a natural extension of the first film. There’s a comfort level in the franchise that feels like Enola is an old friend you’re checking in on, and she has a heck of a story to tell you. Cavill’s Sherlock isn’t an emotional character, but his sentiments and loyalties are explored through his interaction with Enola. If you haven’t watched the first session then also you can watch the second session of this show. In the end, you should definitely watch the show that will give you a proper package of entertainment.

Final Verdict:

Sherlock gets significantly more screen time and character development, but never overshadows Brown and her portrayal of Enola. Cavill’s Sherlock is smart enough to realize that being a man with the same attributes as Enola earns him admiration and respect work against his sister.
The film gives its fans plenty of reasons to look forward to joining them because its finale sets the stage for more stories to come for Enola and Sherlock.

Check out the trailer of Enola Holmes 2:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I watch the Enola Holmes second session without watching session 1?

Yes, you can watch the Enola Holmes second session without watching session 1.

What character Millie Bobby Brown played?

Millie Bobby Brown played the character of Enola who is an aspiring detective.

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