BTS Jungkook, like a baby? He fell asleep during the RUN BTS TV episode, even though the recording was going on

It is clear that BTS Jungkook was suffering from sleep during the recording. His honest response, which shocked members, is garnering attention.

As the youngest member of the group, Jungkook is always loved by the members. His innocence, and his love of eating and playing, have captivated fans around the world, but during recording, he surprised the members with an unexpected act.

In the variety content “Run BTS! 2022 Special Episode”, released on November 29, BTS was challenged to air as a distributor after the previous episode. Jimin, whose turn came last, started the mockbang in front of the training equipment. Based on the concept of “even eating is exercise”, we enjoyed pizza in a novel background.

During Jimin’s delivery, there is a scene where all the members’ attention is focused on Jungkook. The reason is that unlike the members who actively commented and enjoyed Jimin’s stream, Jungkook struggled with sleep.

BTS Jungkook fell asleep

As he turned to Jungkook, V said, “Jungkook’s eyebrows raised!” Amazingly, Jungkook struggled with sleep alone while he was still recording. The members who saw Jungkook together with V’s words furrowed their brows and laughed at the expression of Jungkook, who was still sleepy. Jin immediately said, “Take a picture and send it to me!” A picture of Jungkook suddenly appeared in the chat, in a bad mood.

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Jungkook, who seems sleepy, comments on Jimin’s delivery with a sloppy expression and a confused head. Then Suga, as if he couldn’t believe the look on Jungkook’s face, wondered, “Jungkook isn’t in his childhood, is he? Why are you sleepy at this time?” J-Hope expressed his opinion that Jungkook is so cute that he couldn’t help but say, “I don’t want him to change no matter how many years pass.”


Even after Jimin’s broadcast ended, Jungkook was still sleeping. The members burst into laughter at the youngest’s honest response. J-Hope and Jin pointed to Jungkook saying, “I slept well as always” and “I’m sleeping.”

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Run BTS! 2022 Special Episode – ‘RUN BTS TV’ On-air Part 2

Even during the September 8th live broadcast, Jungkook continued to be drowsy during the broadcast and the members chanted, “Wake up, wake up!”, “Open your eyes!” At that time, Suga expressed his surprise to Jungkook, “Are you asleep at this time even though you’re not even a baby?”

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