Arnold Schwarzenegger Revealed One Mistake From his Past and stated, “Should have also listened to my wife”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for being the jack of all trades who revealed One Mistake From his Past That He Wants to Correct ‘Terminator’ Style and said, “Should have also listened to my wife”.

From 2003 to 2011, the legend set his footprint in politics as the California governor while marking history with his all-time favorite Terminator franchise. Unfortunately, his far-ranging decisions was not in favor. Some of his reforms backfired Schwarzenegger really badly in his term as the governor. If he had considered his then-wife’s opinion, then he could have prevented those. But more important mattered was what did his ex-wife say? and what was the reform?

One of his interviews from 2008, when Arnold was serving as the Governor, he offered a window into a mistake he made. There he talked about how he could have prevented a political catastrophe had he listened to his ex-wife. The then-governor also talked about how he then wanted to fix it. He said only if he was the Terminator in real life then he could fix it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

What was the reason to regret Arnold Schwarzenegger in his ruling days?

In the month of March 2008, one of his infrequent press conferences, Schwarzenegger confessed that he regrets holding his special election. He talked about how his then-wife, Maria Shriver, had warned him again and again of the consequences of his decisions. He added “I should have listened to my wife who said, ‘don’t do it,’”. If he ever makes the next movie, he will go back in time and ask himself not to hold the special election, The Terminator star confessed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Wife
Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Wife

Back in 2005, Schwarzenegger challenged the legislature with two options in the heat of the moment. It was either face the same challenge in the form of ballot initiatives or they reform the government. The voters rejected all the right reforms he had called to advance the government to his misfortune. It came as a big failure that he mentioned as his “year of reform.”

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His decisions were to solve their problems and helping the people of California. He resigned because the voters were not in accord with his mindset from the post of the governor after the termination of his tenure in 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Former Governor of California also, an Austrian American actor, businessman, film producer retired professional bodybuilder.

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger famous for?

Schwarzenegger famous for The TERMINATOR 2 – The Final Goodbye – John Connor and the Terminator – Arnold Schwarzenegger

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